Trend Micro Rewards

Trend Micro Rewards for Vodafone Sellers

Trend Micro Vodafone Seller Reward Store
Welcome to the Trend Micro Vodafone Seller Reward Store. If you have received a store login and PIN via email, then you can log in to the store and start shopping now! Remember, only those that have been delivered a login and PIN can enter the store and these credentials will have been delivered to those that have earned points via the Trend Micro Vodafone Rewards Programme. If you are a recent earner of the programme and have not received a login and PIN, then please contact us via

Vodafone Incentive
Trend Micro are delighted to reward outstanding Vodafone sellers for helping our joint end customers both procuring and activating our products. For each customer you help deploy, Trend Micro will issue 50 points towards you as a seller to spend on our partner reward store. Thank you and happy shopping.

What can I buy?
Whether you are a Shopaholic, a Techno Geek or an Adrenaline Junkie the range on offer means that there should be something for everyone, whatever your interests. You can choose from retailer gift cards, digital codes, experiences, hotel & travel vouchers, technology gadgets, luxury brands, and even some hard-to-find premium packages!.

For more details on how to spend your Trend Micro Reward Points, please visit our How It Works page