How do I log in to the Trend Micro Reward Store?
Only those that have earned Trend Micro Reward Points can log into the store. If you have earned Trend Micro Reward Points, then you will have received your login and PIN via email.

I earned Trend Micro Reward Points but I don’t have a login and PIN (or lost it)
If you have earned points but have not yet received (or misplaced) your login and PIN then please contact to receive a reminder of your credentials.

Can I buy Trend Micro Reward Points?
Trend Micro Reward Points cannot be purchased. The only way to obtain them is by earning points via one of the four initiatives within our Trend Micro Rewards Programme.

What is the value of a Trend Micro Reward Point?
One Trend Micro Reward Point equates to one euro and the value of a point will always be aligned to the euro. This does not negatively impact non-euro countries as there are as many vouchers available for those regions and vouchers in those regions can be bought with Trend Micro Reward Points as per the standard process.

What is available within the Trend Micro Reward Store?
There are vouchers available for hundreds of outlets across Europe. Among the most popular are Amazon, Argos, IKEA, Debenhams, Carrefour, Decathlon, El Corte Ingles and iTunes. We also have prepaid Mastercards and Global Shopping and Hotel eVouchers available to purchase.

Do I need to spend all my Trend Micro Reward Points at once?
Absolutely not. You can spend your points over any amount of transactions and there are voucher denominations as low as €10 and £10 to ensure every point is spent, where possible.

Once I have made an order within the store what happens next?
Our rewards partner, Allgo, look after fulfilment of all orders. Once you have made an order the system automatically alerts Allgo to the new order and they will deliver your item of choice to you. The waiting time depends on the type of voucher that is ordered. If you order a digital voucher you will receive your voucher via email within 14 working days. If you would prefer to order a tangible voucher, then delivery time can increase to 21 working days.

Can vouchers be refunded / returned?
Unfortunately, we do not have a facility for returning vouchers but if you receive an erroneous order then this will of course be rectified and the correct vouchers will be delivered. If you believe you have received an order in error then please contact and we will resolve the issue promptly.

Where is my voucher?
If you have made an order and are waiting longer than the estimated delivery times then please contact to receive a delivery update.

Do Trend Micro Reward Points expire?
Yes – Trend Micro Reward Points have a 90-day lifetime and will expire once that timeline has been surpassed.

Can I transfer my Trend Micro Reward Points to someone else?
Yes – once the contact is also an employee of Trend Micro. If you would like to update your rewards account details or need to transfer points, then please contact

I need help with earning Trend Micro Reward Points
If you need assistance with selling Trend Micro solutions, then please reach out to your Trend Micro Account Manager who would be delighted to hear from you.