Trend Micro Rewards
Welcome to the Trend Micro Reward Store. If you have received a store login and PIN via email, then you can log in to the store and start shopping now! Remember, only those that have been delivered a login and PIN can enter the store and these credentials will have been delivered to those that have earned points via the Trend Micro Rewards Programme. If you are a recent earner of the programme and have not received a login and PIN, then please contact your Trend Micro Account Manager.

MSP Recruitment – Distribution Incentive!

In Q1 for each MSP you recruit you will receive a €100 voucher. If you recruit 10 MSPs or more in the Quarter you receive €1,500 in vouchers.
Recruited MSPs are only eligible if they are processed via the following registration form. All new MSPs must be validated by our MSP Account Managers and fully registered by you on LMP.
We will only fulfil rewards where all your MSP revenue for Q1 has been processed and submitted before the end of Q1 on March 31st.

What can I Win?

Whether it's clothes, holidays, electronics or kids toys you want, you will find a huge array of stores to choose from and all regions are accommodated. Please note that non-winners do not have access to the Trend Micro Rewards Store.